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Thirupachi Music Review

| Movie Reviews

Siddhu Warrier  Sat, 15 Jan 2005

Tamil actor Vijay's films are doing well these days. With his last two movies "Gilli" and "Madhurey" faring well at the box office, much is expected of his forthcoming release "Thirupachi".

Quite a bit of hype and expectation surrounds the album of "Thirupachi", the music for which has been composed by Dhina.

The album starts off with the track "Kattu Kattu", which is far from exceptional. Tipu, who has lent his voice to the track, sounds rather insipid. But the track, on the whole, is not a bad listen.

The next track, "Nee Entha Ooru", is rather a letdown. However, like the first track, it's quite a tolerable listen.

One is overcome by boredom by the time the third track is over because they more or less sound similar. The third track sounds extremely similar to the second, which is similar to the first.

The second side, however, provides some respite - with a Tamil rap number, "Kannum Kannumthan" rather like 'Petta Rap'. Thankfully, Petta Rap was last heard 12 years ago.

It is "Enna Thavam", however, that is the highlight of the entire album. With spooky rhythms that are reminiscent of folk tunes, the song sends your mind harking back to a misty mountaintop. The voices and the tune evoke a powerful visual imagery.

The last two are 'koothu' tracks.

What this reviewer found unique in "Thirupachi" is that the best track - the only one that stands out - in the entire album is hidden away at the end of the second side, especially since most albums have their best songs smack in the beginning (and nothing much else after that).

On the whole, "Thirupachi" is another one of those albums that you could purchase if you're a diehard Vijay fan or are at a loss for things to do during a long train journey. Otherwise, to a discerning listener, "Thirupachi" offers nothing new.