Debutant Linson Antony visualizes a charming family entertainer through his venture 'Housefull'. In this film, Tini Tom is donned as the central character for the first time, after he had entered the hearts of audience through movies like 'Indian Rupee' and 'Pranchiyettan and the Saint'.

Police Constable Ananthan (Tini Tom) continues to be a bachelor after 36. All marriage proposals are utter failures, many times due to minor reasons. At a crucial situation Ananthan marries Emily (Jyothirmayi) who works in a textile shop. Both families were against the marriage. Ananthan and Emily hopes that the birth of a baby may change the situation. But they were not blessed with a baby for a long time. At last when god blessed them, it was not one but 4 kids at a time. Thus a 'housefull' of babies. What happens after this weaves the humorous plot of the movie.

Scripted by Shibu Nambiath, Vijayaraghavan does an important role in the film. The other important cast includes Shammi Thilakan, Guinness Pakru, Bhagath Manuel, Jayaraj Warrior.

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