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'Ezhamathe Varavu' deals with a quite different theme and way of presentation. The movie is an emotional drama set in the backdrop of a forest.

A cruel forest brigand is on a looting spree of forest resources resulting in deforestation and thereby causing serious environmental problems. This creates trouble to the smooth flowing life of the villagers. A cheetah, upon losing his natural dwelling place, seeks shelter in the village and this disturbs the peaceful life in the village.

The film also has sub plots of love and loss. Indrajith, Vineeth, and Bhavana are cast in the lead roles. Mamukkoya and Suresh Krishna are also cast in serious and important roles.

'Ezhamathe Varavu' is mainly shot in the forest. Rasool Pookkutty is in charge of sound recording. 'Ezhamathe Varavu' is directed by Hariharan and written by M T Vasudevan Nair. S Kumar is the cinematographer.


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