'Left Right Left' is not a story narrated with beginning, middle, and end. It simply sketches certain incidents in the life of selected characters who represent our society.

The Sub Inspector of police K P Jayachandran (Indrajith), Roy Joseph (Murali Gopi) who is an ordinary man brought up in an orphanage and his wife Anita (Lena), Jennifer (Remya Nambisan) who is a nurse are some of these characters selected randomly from our society.

Scripted by Murali Gopi, the movie is a social drama thriller. Directed by Arunkumar Aravind, 'Left Right Left' is produced in the banner of Rajaputra Visual Media by M Renjith.

Suraj, Jagadish, Baiju, Saiju Kurup, Sudheer Karamana, Harish, Srijith Ravi, Anusri, Irshad, Siddique, and Ahmed also act in this movie. Rafeeq Ahamed's lines are tuned by Gopi Sunder.

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