K.B.Venu's " August Club" talks about the complex relationship between man and woman. The story revolves around the members of a friendship club.

Savithri is a regular visitor of August Club. Club member Leena Zacharia and secretary Menon are her good friends. A young guy enters their friendship. The story then develops to another direction.

Reema Kallingal plays the role of Savithri. The rest of the cast includes Murali Gopi, Sukumari, K.P.C.Lalitha, Arun, Mala Aravindan, Krishna, and Balachandran Chullikkadu.

Benett and Veet Raag compose music for the lyrics of Rafeeq Ahmmed. Ajayan Mangadu handles art direction. " August Club" is produced by V.S. Atheesh.

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