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Sri Ramakrishna Dharsanam  (2013)  (Tamil)
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Sri Ramakrishna Dharsanam Synopsis

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A Historic Movie 'Sri Ramakrishna Dharsanam ' is not a commercial movie. It is definitely not a profit-seeking venture.

It is a devotional movie, an audio- visual vehicle to carry our Dharma to the maximum number of devotees worldwide.

Why produce a movie about a Saint? Why not about God or about Puraana?

People learn more from Saints.

Because Saints lived among us as humans, suffered like us and yet realised God in their lifetimes. So such stories inspire us to emulate the lives of those Saints.

We live in stressful times. We are all so busy that there is no time to nurture our sauls. We often pray , only to seek so many things from God for our daily needs.

That brings us to the key-question.

Is it possible to realise God within our lifetime on earth?

Sri Ramakrishna asked exactly this question and searched for the answer.

Sri Ramakrishna Said- "A person is born in vain, who having attained the human birth, so difficult to get, does not attempt to realise God in this very life."

Sri Ramakrishna lived only for 50 years. Within those 50 years, he experimented with every major religion. He explored every branch within Hinduism. He was truly a restless soul in pursuit of God.

In the end, what did he discover? What was his message to all of us?

This devotional and historical movie, capturing a slice of history from 19th century India, explains that in just about 2 hours.