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Pedithondan  (2014)  (Malayalam)
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Pedithondan Synopsis

| Cast & Crew
Set in the rural locales of Malabar, 'Pedithondan' is the story of a young man Rajeev who fears fire and the traditional rituals like Theyyam. Rajeev is loved by all the villagers because of his innocence and sincere love towards others.

Though born to the land known for Theyyam, he is very much afraid of Theyyam and related rituals. He is so preoccupied with this fear that he even absconds from the village because of it. Rajeev's elopement creates issues in the village.

According to their practiced traditions and customs, Rajeev has to participate in the Koodiyattam donning the Theyyam attire. If this does not happen, the Kavu and the related customs will all cease to exist. This will challenge even the existence of Nature and the people who depends on it.

'Pedithondan' picturizes the sincere attempt from the part of the villagers to trace out Rajeev. Suraj Venjaramoodu dons the role of Rajeev and Anushri is cast opposite Suraj as a school teacher. Madhupal also appears as a school teacher, Rasheed.

Directed by Pradeep the film is produced under the banner of Anaswara Cinemas. The story, script and dialogues are penned by U Prasannakumar and Vipin Mohan is in charge of the cinematography.