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Rose Guitarinaal  (2013)  (Malayalam)
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Rose Guitarinaal Synopsis

| Cast & Crew
Joe, Shyam, and Thara are three characters in 'Rose Guitarinaal' which tells an eventful love story.

Joe is a guitarist who is the apple of his parent's eye. They call him lovingly as Appu. He enjoys all freedom in his life. He is deeply in love with a girl which he keeps as a secret.

Shyam is a millionaire who has wealth enough to get anything he wishes. He has a great passion for Thara who is his colleague.

Thara is a simple girl. She has a close friend. She lacks self confidence that she thinks she will not reach anywhere in her life. But in certain circumstances she somehow managed to attain something which she never hopes she will get into.

Manu, new face Richard, and Athmeeya do the roles of Joe, Shyam, and Thara respectively. Rajath Menon, Jagadish, Joy Mathew, and Thara Kalyan are also cast in the film.

Ranjan Pramod pens and directs 'Rose Guitarinaal' which gives great prominence to music. The film has 8 songs. Shahabas Aman is the music director.