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Rajan Pilla (Atul Kulkarni) is an underworld don in Mumbai. He is basically from Palaghat. He is married and has a son. Sub Inspector Menon (Sreenivasan) is an ordinary police officer who wreaks havoc in the lives of the dons. He is a very dedicated officer who cannot be bribed.

Menon is very much concerned about the family of his colleague who has been murdered while on duty. Menon shares a good emotional relationship with the two sons of his colleague. The elder of them Pappan is a taxi driver who is married and has a child. The younger one Appu is jobless. He is ready to do any job that he gets.

Biju Bhasker in '@ Andheri' plots the emotional bonding between them. Disney James and Binish Kodiyeri do the roles of Pappan and Appu respectively.

M Jayachandran, Alphons Joseph, and Abhishek Roy are the music directors. In the banner of Damor Cinema, the movie is produced by Santhosh Damodar.


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