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A few youngsters who are active in blog and social network sites decided to organize an exclusive show in Bangalore. The main coordinator of the show is famous in the blog as 'Olipporali'.

In the final rehearsal when everyone arrives, Oliporali alone has not come. All others wait for him for a long time. Then they realize that they have only meager information about the whereabouts of Oliporali. They find themselves in dilemma.

The other coordinators who write blogs in the names of Clutch, Gear, Break, Vani, and Pachakuthira were greatly tensed due to the absence of Oliporali for the final rehearsal of the show. The intriguing events that unfold are told in an engaging manner by A V Sasidharan in 'Oliporali'.

Directed by debutante A V Sasidharan, 'Olipporu' casts Fahad in two novel and distinct faces. Kalabhavan Mani, Talaivasal Vijay, Sidharth Bharathan, and Zareena Wahab also appear in main roles. The lead lady is a new face.

Produced under the banner of Round Up Cinema, poet Gopikrishnan pens the script of this movie.


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