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Ugly  (2014)  (Hindi)
Bose , an extremely straight-forward person is an Additional Commissioner of Police. It is
only in his private life that these lines get blurred, especially with the way he treats his wife
Shalini. Shalini is a clinically depressed person and an alcoholic. Bose is Shalini's second
husband. Shalini was first married to Rahul and also has a daughter with him, (Kali). Rahul is
a struggling actor who is still looking for his big break. Our story starts on a Saturday which
is the day Rahul is allowed to meet Kali as per court custody arrangements. Rahul picks up
his daughter and takes her to his friend Chaitanya's house in order to collect a casting script
from him. Kali is very upset with him for sidelining her again and refuses to get out of the
car. Rahul eventually leaves her in the car, from where she goes missing.

What follows is an endless series of blame game and one up-manship. The film follows
a journey where it is difficult to judge who is real and who is fake. In their process of
humiliating one and another the characters go through a series of events which not only
shows the degradation of their personal lives but also shows how truly self-involved they
are. A dark psycholgical thriller on the surface, Ugly is an emotional drama within.