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The Light - Swami Vivekananda Synopsis

| Cast & Crew


The film portrays the life history of swami Vivekananda with some told and untold stories and his journey in search of god. The film shows the transformation of the young restless child to a matured individual who sacrificed the worldly Pleasures for the sake of god. The film starts with the childhood days of the swami how his life changes after he meets lord Ramakrishna Paramhans. The film also shows how lord Ramakrishna plays a Pivotal role in the life of Swami Vivekananda to transform him into a great Hindu guru. Simultaneously, the film also shows his travels across the world and discussing the rich spiritual heritage of India. The famous speech of swami Vivekananda at the world religion council at Chicago has also been highlighted in this biopic. The film concludes with swami Vivekananda discussing the foundation of "Ramkrishna Math" and his subsequent submission to mahasamadhi. The feature film is produced as a bilingual with Bengali & Hindi versions. There is an English version to be released for the international audience.


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