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Sivaji  (2007)  (Telugu)
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Sivaji Synopsis

| Cast & Crew [ Also in 3D ]
Black money and how it affects the country's economy in general and the common man in particular form the basis of the film.

The story is aimed at creating awareness about black money which hampers the country's development.

Rajini (Sivaji) raises a banner of revolt against this social evil eating into the vitals of society. He is greatly disturbed by the state of affairs. Out of his distress comes the by-now familiar slogan that 'the poor is becoming poorer and the rich is getting richer'.

The field of education has been taken up to illustrate and convey the message.

Rajini builds educational institutions and provides free education. In his mission, he encounters serious problems and obstacles. He battles those who make crores and crores of rupees by allotting seats to students collecting huge donations.

Suman plays the role of villain who is one who hoards black money collected in the name of 'donations' from students. Rajini's benevolence in the form of extending free education to all through his institutions angers Suman who turns vengeful.

Suman and other heads of educational institutions involved in the 'capitation fee' racket form a clique and take on Rajini with the help of corrupt politicians and authorities.
In the ongoing no-holds-barred struggle between these black money-sharks and Rajini, Suman plots to kill him.

A rocket hits Rajini's car but he escapes with injuries. He is left for dead. His friends come to his rescue and he gets well. Later, Rajini disguises himself as a bald-headed man, moves around in the van in which he was treated for his injuries, fights the villain and his cohorts and eliminates them. He eventually brings out the hordes of black money.

Playing opposite Rajini is Shriya who plays a homely girl.

Director Shankar has taken film production to a new height with "Sivaji" which is releasing on June 15.