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Raavanan  (2010)  (Tamil)
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Raavanan Synopsis

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Did such a man ever exist...?
Was he just a myth... or metaphor...?
Is Raavan the line that divides Good from Evil...?
Does our understanding change when we look from the opinion from the opponent's perspective...?
The bond between the Hunter and the Hunted - between the Captor and the Captive seems to be a bond of do or die...?
The tension between opposites often seems so electric, that it is isolates them from the rest of the world, leaving just the two - All alone...
Are Ten Heads better than one...?
Is there a Ram inside Raavan? And a Raavan inside each of us?!

- Mani Ratnam


RAAVAN is not a story, it is a world.
Veeraiya - Undisputed, Unlawful, Untamed
Dev Prasad - The Punisher, The Law, The Righteous
Ragini - Conscience, Beauty, Music

Dev falls in love with Ragini, a spunky classical dancer who is as unconventional as him. They get married and he takes up his new post in Vikramasingapuram, a small town in southern India,

A town where the word of law is not the police but Veera, a tribal who has, over the years, shifted the power equation of the place from the ruling to the have-nots of the area. Dev knows that the key to bringing order to any place is to vanquish the big fish; in this case - Veera. In one stroke Dev manages to rip open Veera's word, and set in motion a chain of events which will claim lives, change fortunes.

Veera injured but engaged hits back starting a battle that draws Dev, Veera and Ragini into the jungle. The jungle which is dense, confusing, scary. And in this journey they must confront their own truth. A journey which will test their beliefs, convictions and emotions. Emotions which are as scary and confusing as the forest. The forest becomes the battleground. The battle between good and evil, between Dev and Veera , Between Ram and Raavan. But when the lines dividing good and evil are blurring fast whose side will you take. When hate turns to love and the good starts looking evil which side will you battle for? Love is a battle that nobody wins but everyone must fight. Even this Raavan.