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Cocktail was in the news recently as it has earned around one crore for its satellite rights even before its release of the movie.

The film has been directed by debutante director Arun Kumar who is better known as the editor of several of Priyadarshan's movies.

The lead stars of the movie include actors as Anoop Menon, Jayasuriya, and Samvrutha Sunil. The movie has been made on a modest budget.

Cocktail has a running time of tow hours and fifteen minutes and will be released on the 30th of September.

The script has been penned by Anoop Menon and Milan Jaleeel has produced the film under the banner of Galaxy films. Pradeep Nair has wielded the camera and the music has been composed by Alphonse.

Whether the film would be able to maintain the initial euphoria that surrounds its production has to be seen.

However, this production by young talents in the industry would hopefully set the beginning of more such creative enterprises.


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