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Jugal Hansraj's special role in 'Aaja Nachle'
Subhash K. Jha  [ Sun, Aug 26, 2007 ]
  • Mumbai, Aug 26 (IANS) He's shy, reclusive and reluctant to make his presence felt. But Jugal Hansraj is finally coming out of his shell again to play an important supporting role in the Madhuri Dixit-starrer "Aaja Nachle".

    Jugal says he and Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films, which is producing the upcoming movie, are great friends and he would love doing roles in Chopra's movies.

    He said: "Aditya and I have been friends for many years. He's someone who looks out for me. And, yes, he had re-launched me as a leading man in 'Mohabbatein'. After that I was seen as Preity's friend and confidant in Siddharth Anand's 'Salaam Namaste', again for Adi. In between I just did one film for the Rajshris. Now it's 'Aaja Nachle'."

    Jugal had great fun while shooting the film.

    "I was surrounded by all these wonderful actors ... from Madhuri Dixit to Konkona to Raghuvir Yadav to Ranveer Shorey, ... it was like attending acting school. But so much fun!

    "I'd rather do a supporting role in something like 'Aaja Nachle' than a lead in some nondescript film," said the actor who is still remembered as the cute kid in Shekhar Kapoor's "Masoom".

    "Otherwise I keep busy with my dad's business. No television for me. I tried it once but it wasn't my cup of tea," Jugal said of his life outside Bollywood.

    And he is still single. "At 35 I still feel like a child. People still remember me as that kid in 'Masoom'."