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I couldn't change Sreenivasan's script: Sajin Raghavan
NR  [ Mon, Jan 30, 2012 ]
  • Cochin, Jan.30 (NR): Director Sajin Raghavan, who is in the midst of a controversy at the moment, with his film 'Padmasree Bharath Dr. Saroj Kumar' has made some candid confessions to a leading Malayalam daily.

    Sajin says that the film that he had in mind was a simple satire that was planned as a sequel to 'Udayananu Thaaram', in which the protagonist gets married.

    However, during the shooting of the film, he had realised that the script has undergone a huge transformation, and had even pointed out several times that the film's criticism was turning out to be one-dimensional.

    Sajin adds that as a debutante director, he did not have the power to make changes in Sreenivasan's script, and says that had he done so, he would have been out of the film.

    Sajin has been around for a long time in the industry, and has worked with directors as Priyadarshan, Siby Malayil and Shaji Kailas.