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'Moss and Cat' is my worst film till date: Fazil
NR  [ Mon, Sep 6, 2010 ]
  • Cochin, Sep.6 (NR): Director Fazil whose last film 'Moss and Cat' that released last year was a disaster, admits that it's his worst film till date.

    'Moss and Cat' was a Dileep starrer that had arrived with much expectations, but which had sunk without a trace at the box office.

    'During the making of 'Moss and Cat', I felt several times that I shouldn't make this film. By the time it was completed, I had lost total interest in it, so much so that I didn't even bother to watch the film,' Fazil revealed in an interview to a popular magazine.

    'It was a film that was made in a hurry as a festival release. I accept that I am fully responsible for the failures of 'Moss and Cat' and 'Kayyethum Doorathu',' he added.

    Fazil is currently busy shooting for his new film 'Living Together' that has newcomers doing the lead roles.