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Nadiya to be a charming cop now!
NR  [ Wed, May 4, 2011 ]
Nadiya to be  a charming cop now!

  • Cochin, May.4 (NR): Nadiya Moithu, one of the most loved actresses in Malayalam films, had recently made a comeback through the Sohan Seenulal directed 'Doubles'.

    The film, looks a disappointment however, from the initial reports, and audiences felt that Nadiya was wasted in an inconsequential role that offered her no scope to perform.

    Now it seems that the actress would indeed get to sparkle on screen. She has signed Joshey's 'Sevens', the shooting of which is progressing at Kozhikode.

    And guess what? Nadiya would play police commissioner in the film. A very charming one, we are sure!