There's a lot of me in Arjunan Sakshi's Roy: Ranjith Shankar
NR  [ Mon, Dec 6, 2010 ]
  • Cochin, Dec.6 (NR): Director Ranjith Shankar, who is currently busy shooting for 'Arjunan Sakshi' says that there is a lot of him in his leading protagonist.

    "This film has been based on a project paper that I had done for my final year Engineering. I felt that the core issues that the paper dealt with haven't changed much, even after twelve years. In fact, its gravity has increased multifold," Ranjith revealed recently.

    "Roy in 'Arjunan Sakshi' is quite often me. His deeds are those that I would like to do myself," he adds.

    As the director of 'Passenger' that had won both critical acclaim and box office success last year, Ranjith's second film is being eagerly awaited by film lovers in the state.

    'Arjunan Sakshi' is a film that intends to convey a very pertinent social message. Besides Prithviraj who does the lead role, the film also has Ann Augustine playing a journalist.

    Produced under the banner of SRT Productions by S Sunder Rajan, 'Arjunan Sakshi' would soon shift to locations outside Kochi.

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