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I won't be confident to do a 'Lanka' today: Mamta Mohandas
NR  [ Mon, Mar 1, 2010 ]
  • Kozhikode, Mar.2 (NR): Mamta Mohandas, who is currently acting in Sathyan Anthikkad's fiftieth film looks and speaks very differently from the girl she used to be.

    Remind her of the 'Lanka' days and she would laugh it off. Mamta in an interview with a prominent Malayalam weekly said that she has moved on in life.

    "I acted in 'Lanka' solely on the basis of my confidence. It was a challenge for me as an artiste. However nobody recognized by sincerity. I was bold and raring to go, and I did 'Lanka' based on my impulse," Mamta said.

    "Today I am much more controlled. I don't have the confidence to do 'Lanka' anymore. Now it would be difficult for me to bring in several of the expressions that the character in 'Lanka' demands," the beautiful actress said.

    "That phase in my career is over. It has caused me some damage, and has taught me valuable lessons as well. My hopes were almost dashed after 'Lanka'. It was 'Big B' that brought me back into the limelight."

    "I then did some films in Tamil and Telugu that boosted my confidence again. I am all raring to go again with the right films and the right choices," Mamta smiles.