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Best Directors of 2010
NR [ Wed, Dec 29, 2010 ]
  • Best Directors of 2010
    2010 saw the entry of several fresh directors into the industry, some of whom left a pertinent mark. There were the veteran directors as well, but several of them found it difficult to go with the ebb or create an impact. presents five directors who bowled us over with their fantastic films this year.


    Ranjith has been throwing several surprises on us over the last few years, and this year was no different. He gave us the delectable 'Pranchiyettan and the Saint', that was in many ways much more than a mere bold move. No wonder then, that he is looked upon as the harbinger of change in Malayalam cinema today.

    Ranjith managed a unique mix of satire and comedy in 'Pranchiyettan and the Saint' and it was indeed a tight ropewalk indeed for the director to juggle between fantasy and reality. In doing so he brought down heaven as close to earth and opened up a new universe before us where God and man beautifully blended into one.

  • Best Directors of 2010
    Mohan Raghavan

    Mohan Raghavan who made a fantastic directorial debut with the charming TD Dasan Std VI B, assured us that all is certainly not lost. With an unusual faith in the kind of cinema that he wants to make, and willing to make no compromises, Mohan stands apart from the conventional film folk. His film was seen by very few initially, but gradually grew to be one of the most loved films of the year.

    Mohan Raghavan's debut film matched up in texture, dimension and depth to the wonderfully crafted films of Walter Salles that often transcend boundaries. This was the work of an artist who refuses to see the medium as a mere commodity, and the highly sensitive writing and truly marvelous direction made this film a truly captivating watch.

  • Best Directors of 2010
    Lijo Jose Pellissery

    Son of the late actor Jose Pellissery, Lijo Jose Pellissery arrived into Malayalam films with a bang that resonated from the impact that his debut film Nayakan generated. This was a film that arrived without as much as a murmer, but one that was lapped up by discerning viewers in no time.

    Nayakan' would have ended up as another routine study on the spirit of retribution, had it not had an enterprising director at its helm. Lijo made an imposing debut with the film that prickles our senses with plenty of smart moments and that made no hesitation to experiment with its structural dynamics.

  • Best Directors of 2010

    Premlal's 'Athmakatha' was a film that reinstated your faith in good cinema. Narrating an extremely moving tale of a dad - daughter duo, Premlal displayed a remarkable mellowness in his direction that very few debutantes possess.

    At times, the film even felt like a metaphor to Malayalam cinema and seemed to suggest that there is bound to be light at the end of the tunnel. The film came along at the right time, when the future looked bleak and discontent prevailed.

  • Best Directors of 2010

    Priyanandanan is no stranger to the cinema going public. The National Award winner of 2007 was back this year, with a meticulously crafted film that impressed the critics and masses alike. Through Sufi Paranja Katha he made a heartrending sketch of adult love, and talked of the power and passion that serve as requisites to faith. The film's cinematic sensibility had a mythical quality to it, as time merges into one and becomes a flawless single entity.

    Sufi Paranja Katha told a simple story that fascinated us and which grew dearer to the heart with time. They say love, like art endures the tests of time. And it turned out that Priyanandanan's film is in many ways art in its own right.