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Prakash Raj buys remake rights of Salt 'N' Pepper
PGV  [ Thu, Dec 15, 2011 ]
  • Prakash Raj has bought the remake rights of the critically acclaimed Malayalam flick Salt 'N' Pepper. The deal was signed when Prakash Raj attended the recent film festival in Kerala.

    Sources say Prakash Raj will direct the remake version. He may also possibly do the lead role played by Lal in the Malayalam original.

    Plans are to remake the film in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

    Prakash Raj had produced the Tamil remake of the Telugu superhit film 'Happy Days' as 'Inidhu Inidhu' and directed 'Naanu Nanna Kaasu, the Kannada remake of his Tamil production 'Abhiyum Naanum'.

    The remake of Salt 'N' Pepper will be taken up after Prakash Raj completes his dream project 'Dhoni' which has now reached the dubbing stage.

    The original Salt 'N' Pepper in Malayalam, directed by Aashiq Abu, follows the love stories of two couples. The tagline of the film is 'Oru Dosa Undakkiya Katha' (The story born out of a dosa). Lal as Kalidasan plays Chef.