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Mammootty's 'Doubles' dubbed in Tamil as 'Puduvai Managaram'
PGV  [ Mon, Sep 3, 2012 ]
  • The Malayalam film 'Doubles', directed by debutant Sohan Seenulal, has been dubbed in Tamil and titled 'Puduvai Managaram'.

    Mammootty and Nadia play twins _ Giri and Gowri. Tapsee is the heroine. Suresh, Anandraj and Y.Gee Mahendran are part of the film. A dance scene features Kiran.

    James Vasanthan is the composer while P. Sukumar is the cinematographer. R. Bala is the producer.

    Mammootty and Nandia are twins. After their parents died in an accident, they become dedicated social workers and help save people involved in road accidents. In one such accident Mammootty rescues Tapsee. This leads to trouble. Whether Mammootty comes out of it or not is the story.