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Fahad Fazil as Changampuzha
NR  [ Sat, Dec 29, 2012 ]
  • The most happening actor of the times Fahad Fazil dons the renowned Malayalam poet Changampuzha Krishna Pillai in 'Arikilundayirunenkil' directed by Priyanandan.

    Produced by Shameer Thukalil, the film showcases the heart rendering poems and the life of Changampuzha who died at an early age. The script and dialogues are penned by Satyan Kolangad, based on the work Changampuzha - Nakshatrangalude Snehabhajanam written by Prof M K Sanu.

    The movie which focuses much on poetry and music will have Rafeeq Ahamed as the lyricist and Shahabaz Aman as the music director.

    Many new faces including great theatre artists will be part of this Priyanandan film.