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Sayali Bhagat in 'Main, Rony Aur Jony'
Manissha Despaande  [ Fri, Apr 7, 2006 ]
  • Miss India Sayali Bhagat, who plays the female lead in Nandita Singha's "Main, Rony Aur Jony", had to go through the same rigorous corporate interview like the rest of the cast when she was chosen for the role, reports Bollywood Trade.

    Sayali, who approached Singha through a common designer friend, Rohit K. Varma, during the casting of the film, was put through a video conferencing interview like her co-star, Aditya Bal, before she was confirmed for the role.

    As if that was not enough, she was enrolled for a 45-day workshop to get into the skin of the character.

    Recalls Sayali, "She made me visualise my role as an actress, rather than trying to react as a model, since I was more used to walking on the ramp. She kept telling me that it would be my performance that would finally hold, despite the Miss India tag. Those few lessons changed my entire perception of acting."

    Singha is of course happy with the results. According to her, those few days of hard work made all the difference in the performances of the artistes on screen.