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Taylor Swift to do cameo in 'The Secret Service'
IANS  [ Tue, Sep 3, 2013 ]
  • Los Angeles, Sep 4 (IANS) Director Matthew Vaughn has reportedly roped in Taylor Swift for a cameo in his forthcoming movie "The Secret Service".

    The 23-year old might learn martial arts for her guest appearance in the movie.

    "Matthew looked at a number of actresses to play the part before settling on Taylor - apparently she was a natural on the big screen," quoted a source as saying.

    "She's also someone fresh and unseen in Hollywood terms which was massively appealing," the source added.

    The singer have an action sequence with actor Samuel L Jackson and is excited about the role.

    "She will be required to have some heavy-duty martial arts training in order that her character convincingly kick Samuel L Jackson's butt," a source said.

    "It will be Taylor's biggest challenge to date but she cannot wait," the source added.