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Kamal Hassan reviving Marudhanayagam
SV  [ Thu, Sep 19, 2013 ]
  • The latest buzz from Kollywood is that Kamal Hassan is all set to revive his dream project Marudhanayagam. Marudhanayagam is a high budget, long-delayed ambitious project of Kamal Hassan. It was ambitiously started in 1997 by Queen Elizebeth II when she visited India. Due to various reasons the film got shelved.

    But now sources say that the success of Vishwaroopam has made Kamal once again dream about this project. It is being said that Kamal's 'Vishwaroopam 2' has found good takers businesswise. Recently, Kamal approached a few corporates and financiers for Marudhanayagam and it seems they have given him the nod. Sources close to the actor say that finer details are being worked out and soon they will reveal more details about the project. The only hint they have given is that it is going to be a complete Indian backed film and no foreign fund or financier is backing the project.

    Marudhanayagam is based on a folk ballad about the 18th Century warrior Mohammad Yusuf Khan, who was popularly known as Marudhanayagam.