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Muktha Srinivasan's 'Pathaayiram Kodi'
PGV  [ Fri, Dec 2, 2011 ]
  • Veteran film producer and director Muktha Srinivasan is back in action after a long interval. His new film is titled 'Pathaayiram Kodi' and it will be directed by him in the name of Srinivasan Sundar.

    He used the name of Muktha Sunar for his earlier films 'Kodai Mazhai', 'Yedurkatru', 'Chinna Chinna Asaigal' and 'Kangalin Varthaigal'.

    Talking about his latest project 'Pathaayiram Kodi', Srinivasan said that if there is a profession where crores can be made, everyone today points to politics. Entering politics, one man makes Rs.10, 000 crore and stashed it away and four persons loot it. Whether the politician gets back the money or the looters share it among themselves is what the story is about.

    The film will be a romantic comedy. It will see a fresh face from Bollywood as its lead. Dhruv Bhandari, a popular face on TV and also a part of Madhur Bhadarkar's last film, will be the lead hero. The lead heroine will be Baljit Kaur and the second will be Sheetal.

    Vivek will play a pivotal role. Cell Murugan, Thyagu, Gokul and Halwa Vasu will join him.

    Manoji is the music director and Rajkumar is the cinematographer.

    Srinivasan Sundar will produce and direct the film, besides writing the story, screenplay and dialogues.

    The first phase of shooting is slated begin shortly in Pondicherry and last for ten days.

    Asked why he chose the lead actors from Mumbai, Sundar said, 'I wanted two young faces. It was by chance that I got to see the photographs of these actors and they are now doing the film.'

    Dhruv is quoted as stating that since the audition was done in Mumbai he decided to give it a shot. Luckily he was short listed. 'I am all set to start shooting for the film now,' he added.