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'Naan Ee' takes on 'The Amazing Spiderman'
PGV  [ Fri, Jul 13, 2012 ]
S.S. Rajamouli's 'Naan Ee' is acclaimed in a review as a "brilliant spoof of everything that Kollywood stands for". Such rave reviews apart, the bilingual film ('Eega' in Telugu) is a smashing Box Office hit not only in India but also in the United States of America.

The film had a fabulous opening on July 6 in India, US and Canada. The first day in Chennai saw huge crowds thronging the theatres where 'Naan Ee' was released. It is a simple story with a tiny housefly being the main character and it is the screenplay and technology that made it a mesmerizing celluloid magic. It surpassed all expectations.

The film won the appreciation of almost all those associated with film-making. Stalwarts like superstar Rajini and director Shankar heaped praise on Rajamouli and actor Sudeep who is the victim of the laughable intimidatory antics of the fly.

In the first four days of its release in Chennai and other places in India (June 6, 7 and 8 and 9), the film reportedly raked in an estimated Rs 4 crores. In America too, where the film opened in a small number of theatres, box office collections in the first five days crossed Rs.4. crores, a record for any south Indian film in US. This is at a time when the much awaited Hollywood franchise 'The Amazing Spiderman', released worldwide on July 6, was running in most parts of America. 'Naan Ee' was not released in Philadelphia, Miami, Pittsburgh and Kansas.

After the astonishing success of the film, it is planned to increase the number of theatres by 20, according to sources in Chennai.