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Seeman plays CBCID officer in 'Kandupidi Kandupidi'
PGV  [ Mon, Mar 26, 2012 ]
  • Director-turned-actor Seeman plays a CBCID officer in Rama Subramanian’s first directorial venture 'Kandupidi Kandupidi'. Seeman had donned the role of a police officer in a couple of films including 'Evano Oruvan' and 'Uchithanai Mugurnthal'.

    In 'Kandupidi', Seeman, a straightforward and hard-working CBCID officer, cracks a tough case concerning a newly married couple.

    Aiswarya Devan from Kerala and Murali play the lead roles.

    The movie is inspired by a real life incident that Rama Subbramanian's father had witnessed at a marriage hall, says Rama Subramanian. The film also touches on global warming in passing. A suspense thriller, it has Madurai as the backdrop. The story takes place from 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The sequences during the 4-1/2-hour period baffle the police force. Eventually, Seeman ( Pugaz Maran) from CBCID takes over the case and solves the mystery.

    Before becoming an independent director, Rama Subramanian has trained under stalwarts like Agathiyan, Balasekharan and Prabhu Solomon.