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Shanthanoo, Iniya in Thankar's 'Ammavin Kaipesi'
PGV  [ Thu, Jul 5, 2012 ]
  • Thankar Bachchan's next directorial venture is titled 'Ammavin Kaipesi' (Mother's mobile phone) featuring Shanthanoo Bhagyaraj and Iniya in the lead. Thankar Thiraikalam and Maxpro Entertainer are jointly producing it. Rohit Kulkarni scores music. Thankar Bachchn himself handles the camera.

    The story is woven around a mobile phone, which Thankar says connects people by voice and helps to have new relationships and maintain them.

    A mother has nine children, but she lives in a situation, which separates her from the children. The only way she could be in touch with them and hear their voices is a mobile phone. She regards her mobile phone as the representative of her children and has become possessive of it. Her last son is Shanthanoo and his lover is Iniya. The film also registers the strong bonding between the mother and her last son.

    The film's important character is the mother. A junior actress, named Revathy, plays the role. Thankar says he had approached many actresses and offered this role, but they declined. A three-time National Award winner had demanded Rs. 20 lakh for a 10-day schedule. Then he met Revathy and signed her up. This film will prove to be a turning point for her, he says.

    Apart from Shanthanoo and Iniya, the film will feature 75 others. These people have been drawn from different fields - business, arts, agriculture, politics and medicine and have been trained for 72 days in a workshop.

    The film is expected to release in the second seek of September. Thankar says several good films in Tamil have flopped due to bad music. But Rohit's music in 'Ammavin Kaipesi' will be uplifting.

    Thankar is inspired by his mother to do this film which is based on a novel he wrote in 2009. He dedicates it to all the mothers in the world.

    His earlier films were 'Solla Marantha Kathai', 'Pallikoodam' and 'Onbathu Roobai Notu'