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Sharada focuses on child trafficking in 'Pudiya Thiruppangal'
PGV  [ Fri, Feb 3, 2012 ]
  • After her much acclaimed art film 'Sringaram' which also won three national awards, Sharada Ramanathan has directed her second film titled ' PudiyaThiruppangal' dealing with a sensitive issue of child trafficking. It is slated for release next month. The film is essentially commercial in nature but has a sensitive storyline. It has Nandaa, Andrea and debutante Surveen Chawla in the lead.

    The story is about a young, urban and upwardly mobile person, wanting to go to the US and how he reacts once he is thrown into an entirely unknown world filled with 'dark and murky people'. The idea to make this film came when she met some guys bust from the mafia and also some child victims. She also met some undertrials in prison. The whole vision then unfolded. A 13-year-old child artiste named Durani, selected from a school, is among the children who are part of the film.

    When she wrote the script, she had no idea whom she would cast in the lead. It was channel surfing, which helped zero in on Nandaa. She saw his potential in 'Eeram'. Nandaa tormenting his wife ' was the most anti-feminist moment in my life,' says Sharada.

    She had to do a great deal of research on the darker side of Chennai, which the two-hour ' Pudiya Thiruppagal' had to depict. Every character, whether it is the lead pair or the mafia involved in child trafficking or the child artiste, has an integral role to play in 'Pudiya Thiruppangal'. Without any one of them, the film is incomplete, Sharada adds.

    Elaborating, she says, 'It is not a film that bases itself on songs and fights. Otherwise it is pretty much a commercial __ without being too embarrassing.'

    For 'Srigaram', Lalgudi Jayaraman scored the music and Saroj Khan performed the Bharatanatyam. Those with her that time were all in her 'zone'. But for 'Pudiya Thiruppangal', she had to shot with the very mainstream technicians.

    Madhu Ambat has shot the film with an Alexa camera. Vidyasagar is the composer.

    The film is slated for release next month.