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Worst dressed stars of 2013
NR [ Wed, Jan 8, 2014 ]
  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    If there were stars who impressed us with their impeccable style statement in 2013, there were others who shocked us out of our wits with dressing up in a manner which was anything but impressive (read outrageous, obscene and outlandish).

    So, let's take a look at the worst dressers o 2013...

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Vidya Balan

    Just when we thought that Vidya had found her style guru in designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, whose creations the lady has been flaunting more than often, we were exposed to this horror.

    What exactly is this attire, if you manage to decode, do share it with us also.

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Ranveer Singh

    If there are any words that suit Ram-Leela star Ranveer Singh's dressing style this year - it has to be garish and outrageous.

    Yes,Don't believe us? Check out the star dressed in these jazzy suits and you'll know what we are talking about.

    How in the world can someone go so wrong?

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Ekta Kapoor

    If there's one star who can break every record in bad dressing (yes, even Vidya Balan's) it has to be Ekta Kapoor sand any doubt.

    Ekta Kapoor was spotted wearing jarring and bizarre attire at most of her social outings.

    And look at that footwear, apparently Ekta was born with them. Can someone steal it away from Ekta?

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Salman Khan

    If might be one of the most celebrated superstar's the country has today, but a look at him of scree and you want to give him some serious fashion advise.

    When not working, Salman is mostly spotted wearing his 'Being Human' T-shirts, which we hate to the core now.

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Sonakshi Sinha

    The next star who has all the reasons to fire her stylist is Sonaksi Sinha.

    From choosing tights as pants to wearing horrendous gowns at coveted award functions, the young actress has been making all wrong dressing choices this year.

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Huma Qureshi

    If one Vidya Balan wasn't enough, God sent us Huma Qureshi to shock us with weird fashion sense.

    It seems, Huma has some serious misconception about her curves, why else she'll make all wrong choices and wear stuff that only highlights her flab.

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Shahid Kapoor

    There's a very thin but stark difference between casual dressing and shabby dressing.

    And the way Shahid has been choosing to dress all through this year - we seriously doubt about Shahid's style sensibilities.

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Rani Mukherjee

    This is the most heart-breaking addition to the list of worst dressed stars of 2013.

    But Rani Mukherjee did everything that made her a worthy contender of this list.

    From boring formal wear to lousy casual wear - everything that Rani kissed in the name of fashion turned out to be bad.

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Aamir Khan

    After Rani Mukherjee, Aamir Khan is another star whose presence in this list doesn't make us happy.

    How we wish Mr.Perfectionist would have paid some attention to his choice of clothing too.

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Amisha Patel

    'Dressing up to stand out' is not a bad trend to follow.

    But a look at Amisha Patel's outstanding jump suit and you'll know what we are talking about.

    We know that there's nothing newsworthy about Amisha these days, but you need not make your clothes shout obscenity to make news, hon!

  • Worst dressed stars of 2013
    Esha Deol

    We know that you are not the part of Bollywood anymore but still a public appearance of an ex-Dhoom babe cannot be this bad.

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