Krrish 3 Hindi Movie Review

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Krrish 3 scores top marks for the visuals but takes serious beatings in the story and hence ends up disappointing you.
Oct 31, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Statutory Warning: The below mentioned review does NOT cater to the die had fans of the superstar superhero Hrithik Roshan and his films.

At the outset, the third installment of the sci-fi series - Krrish 3 looks like a dish straight out of a Michelin star restaurant but as you sink your teeth in it takes you to a road side stall and as you proceed you find the dish much worse that what the stall offers too.

Keeping up with the spoon-feeding tradition that our Bollywood filmmakers religiously follow, the movie starts with a quick recap of what ensued in the first two parts - Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish - and explains how the story proceeds in Krrish 3, it's as if you'd be lost in the "complexity" of this futuristic saga if you aren't fed with the prior data of India's first superhero.

Moving on, Krrish (Hrithik Roshan) is now happily married to Priya (Priyanka Chopra) and lives with his father Rohit (Hrithik again). Life's good for this local superhero who resolves daily petty crimes until the perils of an evil mind Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) start looming large on him. Kaal, along with the help of his "maanvar - a mix of human and animal" troop, is out to destroy the human race by spreading a deadly virus. The genius scientist Rohit then is asked to create an antidote which he successfully does too but it comes in the eyes of Kaal who then is out to destroy the master mind Rohit. How Krrish protects his family, saves his city and destroys Kaal is what follows through the rest of the plot.

All throughout the film I kept wondering who does this movie cater to? The multiplex audiences have all seen X-Men and Dark Knight series to know where the ideas of saving the "Gotham city" or having "maanvars (mutants)" come from. It isn't hard to identify that Kaal is nothing but Professor X meets Magneto or Frogman nothing but Toad or even Kaya (Kangana Ranaut) a shape-shifter.

And for the single screen, small town mass, the story is so regressive and of the '80s that I am sure the dialogues of the superhero like, "mere pass har pita ka aashirwad hai," (I have the blessings of every father) are going to be nothing but yawn-inducing.

The intense labour of the father-filmmaker Rakesh Roshan to give India it's very own superhero can be seen. The visuals in the movie are far superior to any sci-fi movie that's ever been made in India. The CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) work is spell-binding making the action sequences in the film a complete visual delight. But it's the laxity in the story aspect that spoils the fun. The cliched Bollywood masala infused with pathetic sound tracks that keep coming in gaps is what ruins your movie viewing experience. Only if Roshans could spend a few bucks more and hire a good writer the film would've made for a classic home-grown superhero saga.

Hrithik Roshan as the superhero bores you this time around with his cheesy sugariness and it's Kaal's devious plans that you want to see with excitement. Vivek Oberoi delivers tremendous performance and everything right from his looks to his acting is laudable. Similar is the case with Kangana Ranaut who is fantastic as the shape-shifter Kaya. Her latex suit, her hair and her walk are absolutely apt for her part and so is her acting. Priyanka Chopra as passable.

Krrish 3, in summation, scores top marks for the visuals but takes serious beatings in the story and hence ends up disappointing you.

Mansha Rastogi