Attakathi Review

Unassuming wanderer and uninhibited lover, Dinakaran whiles away his time hitting on women to no avail. But the rebuffs don't kill his spirit. He remains open to all prospects and passionately makes attempts to pursue multiple women simultaneously. Still, no luck. The same chain of events repeats again. And again. After a point, he decides to give up on love, bitterly parting ways with it. For that, he gets ostracized from his gang of lusty youngsters, all of whom have gotten lucky with their love lives. Dinakaran compensates for the missing excitement by becoming a ruffian. When college begins, Cupid finally gives the devil his due.

Attakathi is an old love story presented in a new fashion; a pleasantly new fashion, actually. Kudos to music director Satish Narayanan for providing a unique flavour and rendering new, this film, that could've easily turned out as another Kollywood rehash. The film is a major launch pad for three people involved. Firstly, Dinesh with his everyman charisma is a delight on screen. Then, Santosh Narayanan, who I believe has made the most significant contribution here. And finally, Ranjith, for approaching this pre-existent story with a fresh pair of eyes.

Attakathi is simple, modest and light. Rating: 3 - Rohit Ramachandran