Namukku Parkkaan Review

'Namukku Paarkkaan' is formulaic and predictable to the core, and at times reminds you of some of those films of the eighties that had focused on similar themes. It attempts to be sweet and as sugary as it can, but inert is what it turns out to be.

Dr. Rajeev (Anoop Menon) is a veterinary doctor, married to Renuka (Meghna Raj), a school teacher. The couple has two kids and live in a rented house, with dreams of building a house of their own some day. There is an extra ordinary love story in every married life, goes the tagline of the film. perhaps I might not have been attentive enough, but I couldn't locate the extra ordinary love story in it. Nor could I see that this film was a treatise on married life.

If at all, it is about something; 'Namukku Paarkkaan' is about human desire and the blurring of reality that is one of its many consequences. Marriage and love are just embellishments while the film remains obsessed with a man's longing to build a house for of course, his family.

The situations that are built up to emphasize the need for everyone to have a house of one's own are pretty much awkward. I wonder what would happen to scores of people out there who simply cannot afford to have a washroom inside. They would learn to live with it, what else?

Dr. Rajeev's world is quite different from that of these people, since it's an Italian marble laid world that has Jacuzzi in it; a world in which his wife and himself shake their legs to the beats of a romantic number. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big, but there is also a need to keep reality in perspective. Unfortunately, Dr. Rajeev isn't one such man, and the sad thing is the film doesn't lament it.

For one, he is transformed into a corrupt man, who does a grave offence repeatedly at the border check post. But he isn't caught; in fact, he is just let lose by a cop who turns out to be a friend of his. Later, he finds himself trapped in a miserable situation out of his own foolishness, and hits a man who ends up almost dead. He is again let scot-free.

Dr. Rajeev is a perfect example thus of what a man should not be, and yet nothing happens in the film except monetary loss, that would make him rethink of his priorities in life. Would he accept money at the border check post again? Yes, maybe. Would he still dream of a balcony that opens out into the sea? In all possibility, yes.

His wife, Renuka might in his brother's opinion be the best wife in the world, but she behaves like a sitcom heroine when her co-sister teases her for having brought in a cheap gift for her house warming. She weeps and wails and ultimately leaves the house in a huff, when her kids are reprimanded for smearing the newly painted walls with chocolate. All this would have sounded good, perhaps a twenty years back.

The only thing that works in 'Namukku Paarkkaan' is the chemistry between the lead pair - Anoop Menon and Meghna Raj. As for the rest of it, I'd say that the film puts in a little bit of everything into it, to a point that makes you really wish that they would just build a house, and get it over and done with.

It attempts to be sweet and as sugary as it can, but inert is what it turns out to be. Rating: 2 - Veeyen