Trivandrum Lodge Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | UA
'Trivandrum Lodge' is a film you are not advised to watch with your family but you may enjoy with your friends.
Oct 1, 2012 By SJ

It is quite natural to have preconceived notions when one is about to watch a movie which is being made by a successful team. But sometimes it does not take too much time to realize that you are wrong. Same is the case with V K Prakash, Anoop Menon, Jayasurya teams' 'Trivandrum Lodge'.

After the highly acclaimed and successful 'Beautiful' they are again joining hands for 'Trivandrum Lodge'. One cannot be blamed if he or she is disappointed with the latest offering from the team. Both films are poles apart as far as the genre is concerned and 'Trivandrum Lodge' can at best be classified as an adult comedy without sleazy scenes. It is a film you are not advised to watch with your family but you may enjoy with your friends.

'Trivandrum Lodge' tells the story of the inhabitants in a lodge, their experiences and transformations. Almost all the characters are sexually frustrated and give the feeling that they have nothing else to think in their life than sex. The lodge is owned by Ravi Shankar, a widower, who lives in the memory of his wife (Bhavana). Their son Arjun has a romance with his classmate Amala.

The cast includes Bhavana, Honey Rose (Dhwani), Janardanan, Sukumari, Kochu Preman, Saiju Kurup, Thesni Khan, Nikhil, P Jayachandran.

The songs by M Jayachandran are soothing and the background score by Bijipal is equally good. Cinematography by Pradeep Nair is beautiful.

Scripting is done by Anoop Menon himself and one must say it is not a flawless one. At times the dialogues cross the limit of decency and dignity. The script seems to be aiming for a bold and beautiful new wave look but often comes across as a clumsy and crude one.

V. K. Prakash as usual had done a fine job within the limitations of the story and screenplay. V K P told in an interview that 'Trivandrum Lodge' doesn't follow the conventional method of storytelling with a beginning, middle, and an end and that itself is the main drawback of the film.