Julayi Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2012
'Julayi' is a packaged entertainer that will cater to all age groups.
Aug 13, 2012 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

The mediocre success of V.V Vinayak's Badrinath left Allu Arjun desperately in need of a super hit while after severely being criticized by critics and fans alike in Mahesh's Khaleja, Trivikram had to prove his mettle yet again. With stakes soaring Arjun and Trivikram joined hands to make Julayi, which released on August 9th worldwide. Let's cut across to some of the highlights of Julayi to see whether the film lives up to the expectations or not.

In grandeur fashion, Julayi opens up in Trivikram's signature style, giving one the feeling of watching a Christopher Nolan film. The first few minutes of Julayi remind you of Nolan's dark knight, were a group of eight led by Sonu Sood aka Bittu break in to a bank to loot 1500 crores. At every step during the course of the robbery, Bittu finishes off one by one, finally to flee away with the booty. Unfortunately, he is nabbed by the cops with the aid of Ravi aka Allu Arjun. Bittu swears to take revenge upon release from prison. What happens when Bittu and Ravi clash horns forms the rest of the story?

Julayi doesn't boast a spectacular storyline but the entire plot is intelligently presented based on a simple premise - "Life anti highway...gelupu one way...short cuts ki no way". In short, the film underlines the fact that in life there are no short cuts. If you want to earn money, you earn it the hard way. Trivikram's writing has winner written all over it however the film falters in its execution, finally ending with a ray of hope. The first half thrills you with ample comedy while the second half races through the rest of the film. But, at the end you come to the conclusion that the first half undoubtedly superseded the second in all departments.

Trivikram doesn't waste time in introducing his characters instead jumps directly in to the film which easily cuts about 10 minutes from the runtime. The director makes Allu Arjun appear apt for the role he essayed in the film. Arjun gives a sincere performance with zero exaggerated scenes and shines especially in comedy scenes and songs. If you've been a follower of Trivikram's films then you'd notice that the director has a knack for comedy unlike other directors. You wouldn't see a separate comedy tracks in his film which has always worked in his favor. In Julayi, comedy syncs perfectly and the roles played by Brahmanadam and Rajendra Prasad will make you laugh till you drop.

The characterization deserves a special mention because Trivikram doesn't leave any hanging. Arjun's detective intellectual instincts have been heavily inspired by Sherlock Holmes but that doesn't stop you from embracing his character. If you'd shut your Hollywood side of your brain for about 160 minutes, you'll love this film to the bits. Sonu Sood has mastered the art of playing the baddie and with every film you're offered something better from him. DSPs music, needless to say, works perfectly for the film. 'Julayi' and 'O Madhu' songs give a rhythmic feel to the film while the rest of the songs make you want to sing along in excitement. The pun element in the film is carried through the songs as well, few songs in particular.

In essence, 'Julayi' is a packaged entertainer that will cater to all age groups.

Haricharan Pudipeddi