Mirattal Review

Aug 2, 2012 By Rohit Ramachandran

While recent films such as Murattukaalai and Pollangu have grinded the senses they still involve you in their affairs, even if it is by force. You respond negatively but still, they trigger a response. I came to this realization at Mirattal; a film that numbed my senses. This isn't among, or for that matter anywhere near, the worst films I've seen. But this takes the cake as the film I've had the most displeasure of encountering.

I just sat there lifelessly watching all these colours and lights and shapes on screen change at will. And instead of hearing dialogue and music, I heard noises and, well, other kinds of noises. Santhanam might have managed to slip in a joke or two but the rest fall flat on their face. There's nothing to invest here and no payoff to expect. You come in. You go out. End of story.

Mirattal bears little consequence to anyone or anything, except the ones funding it. Absolutely trivial. I could throw in a few more adjectives there. Like brain-dead, heartless, tranquilizing etc. But I won't, because I don't seem to be able to vividly summon one scene from the film, to mind. Volatile stuff.

Mirattal numbed my senses. Volatile stuff.
Rating: 3.3 / 10
Rohit Ramachandran