Love Recipe Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012
This recipe only invites hate and no love! Best avoided or gifted to the worst of your enemies as revenge!
May 25, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

Nothing goes more wrong for a film that actually starts with a censor certificate that has its title wrongly spelt! Or rather this is just the beginning of the awry things that you start noticing starting from the spelling to the very film itself.

Tia (Rani Agarwal) is in love with a DJ Rahul Kher (Suhail Karim) but she is afraid to introduce him to her father, a retired I.G of Police (Manoj Joshi) who is bitten by the bug of patriotism or 'Hindustaniat' as he prefers calling him. To top it Tia's brother Pappu (Vrajesh Hirjee) is in love with a firang Roza (Suzanne Bernert) but again is scared to introduce her to his Hindustaniat preaching father. Amidst all this enters another enters the head of an international terrorist Carlos that's chopped off by a blundering cop Govind (Sanjay Narvekar) who is on a desperate look out for it. How the cut head makes everybody's head (including that of the audience) spin if what follows from the rest of the plot.

When you see a film like Love Recipe you actually wonder where all did the film go wrong, was it the actors? Or the director who couldn't extract their performances and lead a film somewhere? Or the script and screenplay writer who wrote such a shoddy piece of work?

Filmmaker Amol Shetge brings together a deplorable storyline with an equally uninspiring narrative and a very tacky approach towards filmmaking. Resultant? You find it hard to even sit through the film. The entire farcical gimmick of the cut head in the film is so tackily handled that you really turn into a self-pity mode for enduring some sham such as Love Recipe.

Known faces like Vrajesh Hirjee, Upasna Singh, Manoj Joshi and even Darshan Jarivali either sleepwalk through their roles or annoy you no end. While the other actors should straight be sent to acting academies.

The songs are shot in a tacky manner, the look and costume design work is zilch so you actually have people wearing orange blazer over red pants, or a shiny suit in excess heat or worse still a diamond studded guitar for a pendant!

To sum it up, this recipe only invites hate and no love! Best avoided or gifted to the worst of your enemies as revenge!

Mansha Rastogi