Sarkar 3 Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | UA | Drama
Sarkar 3 fails on many levels. The film is crammed to the gills with characters and motives that go nowhere. Amitabh Bachchan is earnest but even he cannot prevent the poorly scripted and horribly hammed work from turning into a train wreck.
May 12, 2017 By Manisha Lakhe

A picture of Abhishek Bachchan grinning set on the wall of Sarkar's living room is the only lucky thing in the entire film. He is Shankar Nagre, who died in Sarkar 2. That's why we have to put up with the insufferable Amit Sadh who overdoes everything. He hams so much even his silhouette - when Sarkar kicks him out of the house - overacts.

The movie begins with Sarkar, played with great earnestness, by Amitabh Bachchan, giving a speech. That voice is so mesmerizing, it doesn't matter what he's saying, because it really is gobbledegook about how 'Sarkar is a thought, not a man' and you like it because Amitabh Bachchan is saying it. Get on with the story! We've heard it all before, when a sleazy man in a maroon velvet suit, strangely showy sunglasses and shiny shoes shows up and makes Sarkar an insulting offer: help us throw out the poor people from their hutments and we will share our profits with you. Sarkar, as laconic as ever, declines. The man leaves after saying, 'I love you!'

That's interesting, you think, and settle down for more weirdness. And then you begin to laugh. The sleazy guy is called 'Gandhi' and his weirder boss is 'Sir'. Sir turns around. Whoa! It's Jackie Shroff the Dubai Don perpetually located by the pool, next to a bimbette who wears the most inappropriate clothes. After you've stopped grinning at discovering the eternal Jaggu Dada call her 'Darling' and spout dialog like, 'Darling, don't speak, only think!' or 'Select whatever ring you wish (at the jewelry store), but remember women who wear my ring die.' If you don't manage to jot down any other 'darling' dialog, it's because you're trying to do two things at the same time: laugh at 'darling's' attempt at speaking coherently, and keep your jaw from dislocating with surprise at the clothes (and the things she's doing) by the pool, and in the pool. She feed dolphins that are swimming in the pool, she even walks a reluctant lap dog by the pool, she jumps into a pool that turns out to be a wading pool and pretends to swim (when she's really sitting in water not deeper than a foot and a half. And erm, she's not wearing a swimsuit but lacy lingerie. She's water moll to Dubai Don who looks like he's stoned, mostly, or stony faced because of Botox...

Then there's strange threads introduced in the story: Union leader Gorakh who takes a bribe and vanishes, Manoj Bajpayee who plays politician named Govind Deshpande, who hates Sarkar and his ways. His mom also hates Sarkar, but we don't know why, and it's weird to see Rohini Hattangadi play it drunk. Then there's Yami Gautam whose role is all widening and narrowing of eyes as if she is plotting something, and then doing nothing. Yes, she has a couple of weird tricks (she shakes her foot impatiently in one scene and then rubs her forefinger to thumb as though testing the texture of air). Why she does that, no one cares because you're grinning over her wanting to be 'Sarkarni'. Female Sarkar? Yes.

Ronit Roy gets to play right hand man of Sarkar, and thankfully he gets to die in the crossfire when characters are double and triple crossing each other at the beat of the infernal 'Govinda Govinda' chant and beat that dominates the film score. When that chant showed up in Sarkar the original film, the audience loved it, because it turned the college graduate Shankar into Sarkar, In this film of all the double crosses crammed into the second half, the film collapses into one gigantic nought. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan certainly earns a star for his performance, but the half goes to whoever figures out why 'Darling' needed to be in the film...

Manisha Lakhe