3G Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2013 | Horror, Thriller
3G is utterly disappointing for a horror film. Watch it only if you are in a large group of friends and are looking for unintentional humour.
Mar 14, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Bollywood filmmakers cannot make a horror film. Period! If this statement alone can give you a gist on what's to follow on the 3G review then fair enough. For the others, read on...

Sheena (Sonal Chauhan), no... not the Jungle Queen, is vacationing in Fiji and expecting the love of her life Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) to come join her. He turns her down first and while she is sadly swimming in the picturesque beach of Fiji, sipping mocktails and sun bathing in tiny-winy bikini, sadly let me remind you, he makes a hero-ish entry in a fancy motorboat. Insipid romantic songs, some make out sessions, some of the many kisses and smooches follow and literally after 30 minutes of gruesome torture, the film starts.

Having lost his mobile phone, Sam goes to a local store and buys a second hand 3G enabled cell phone. All hell breaks loose as Sam gets trapped in a maze set out by a spirit who keeps video-calling him at nights courtesy his 3G facility. How the spirit scares him, possesses him, keeps calling him, pleads him to solve her case is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Filmmaker Shantanu and Sheershak may just have gone against the tide with their haunting tale by involving the technological element but that doesn't guarantee that they keep any logical element under check.

There's almost everything in this horror film, romance, revenge, drama and dollops of humour, unintentional of course. The filmmakers go completely haywire with excessive backstory of spirit and in the process tire you completely. Not a single spooky moment manages to terrify you; neither does the suspense keep you at the edge of your seats.

Worse still, the filmmakers actually try passing a message, although very unclear, about porn sites and the many relationships that break courtesy the indulgence in porn clips. Well, only if you cared for it or stayed awake right till the end!

Neil Nitin Mukesh tries really hard to depict the eccentricities of being possessed, however fails to keep you interested. It's quite a pity to see a potential actor getting wasted because of a hogwash script and execution. Sonal Chauhan appears clueless in most of the scenes except in the times when she is supposed to don bikinis and pose. Mrinalini Sharma as Jasmine or Chaima (The spirit) may just be the best of the lot as she succeeds in playing her portions with conviction.

Music by Mithoon and Amar Mohile is highly wannabe and only acts as a deterrent in the goings on. If there's one aspect of this film that deserves ample appreciation, it's the cinematography. The camera work is splendid, especially in capturing the picturesque virgin locations.

3G is utterly disappointing for a horror film. Watch it only if you are in a large group of friends and are looking for unintentional humour.

Mansha Rastogi