Shesham Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama
Aug 22, 2002 By Vins

The movie shesham(' Thereafter') produced jointly by Blue Mermaid Picture Company and Asianet Communications Pvt Ltd., is, at the outset, the story of Lonappan(Jayaram). The central character lonappan ,a mentally disturbed character with lot of difference is played by 'Jayaram' who has excelled in his role - one of the best in his career as an actor.

The movie tells the coming together of a mentally-challenged man and a young filmmaker, who attempts to make a film on him. But, on a different plane, we find that 'Shesham' is all about perspectives. Rajeev Kumar, who has also done the story and script of the film, deserves to be congratulated for having dared to make such a film. As the maker of 'Shesham', he has succeeded in sabotaging our conventional views and perspectives. Looking from his angle, the word 'insane', 'insanity' etc seem to get a new dimension.

Performance-wise Jayaram as Lonappan is simply marvelous. Geethu Mohandas as Meera too has done full justice to the character contradictory to her earlier performances. Murali as Venki, the somewhat hot-tempered, semi-eccentric film editor has essayed his role well. Among the others, P. Sreekumar as Major Krishnan Nair and Biju Menon as Shyam Sunder IAS, are well cast.

Art-director Sabu Sivan has done an excellent job, especially in creating the sets of the asylum. Rajeev Ravi's cinematography, Sreekar Prasad's editing and Sharath's music-composition too are highlights of 'Shesham'. Costume designing by Manoj Alappuzha also deserves special mention

Story in brief

Meera, a young filmmaker, is making a film on the mentally-challenged living in an asylum. While filming them, Meera notices Lonappan who seems very different from the others. She then follows him with her camera. She studies him, his activities and so on, and that seems to lead her to many revelations. She even succeeds in getting Lonappan out of the asylum. She does this with the zest of a crusader, but the 'sane'(?) society around her seems to question her stand and actions. In such a society, Lonappan is a rather unwelcome person. What happens then forms the rest of the story.