MLA Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
MLA is a jaded approach to a trite plot. Watch it if you have nothing else to do.
May 25, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

Very recently a reporter requested Mr. Anil Kapoor's option on a certain section of Politicians being upset about their portrayal in Hindi films to which the superstar righteously replied that there are some films that have glorified the leaders of our country too. Well, sadly we can say Anil Kapoor said all this before watching Shiv Dube's MLA.

Pratap Singh (Mukesh Tiwari) is the MLA of a small village Bhaglipur in Madhya Pradesh, where one Industrialist Kamal Khushwaha (Chaitanya Naidu) is trying to generate employment by starting a Milk Factory for his people. Much against the righteous development of the village, MLA starts coming in the way of the industrialist and the battle between the two forms the rest of the story.

Filmmaker Shiv Dube leaves no stone unturned in trying to typify this film to his heart's content. So since Pratap Singh is a politician he is practically against everything good with no thought behind. Suffice it to say that his full time job is of being a villain. He is scheming, manipulative, evil, lecherous, bad husband so on and so forth. While our good boy Kamal Khushwaha is so righteous and content that he has an eerie smile planted on his face 24*7. If there were scenes showing him asleep we would have just seen him sleep smiling too!

Moreover there are quite a few things kept vague in the film. Kamal Khushwaha remembers his childhood days where he is shown like an orphan while his love interest and her father take care of him. However, he grows up to having a brother and a mother who you wonder mushroomed from where. Shiv Dube also tries to portray the lead actor's childhood romance but fails completely but a trite approach.

Another area where he falters badly is extracting performances from his actors. The timing between the actors is so awry that they end up giving late reactions to dialogues. While Mukesh Tiwari holds a constipated look throughout the film in a bid to look evil, the only way you can figure whether the lead actor Chaitanya Naidu is actually acting is by his batting eye lids and nodding head. The lead actress Ana Kanandadze has a fake accent annoying you no end. Omkar Das Tripathi who won the hearts of millions with his portrayal of Natha in Pipli Live disappoints hugely in MLA. He appears completely blank and expressionless and is wasted in the film.

Over all, MLA is a jaded approach to a trite plot. Watch it if you have nothing else to do.

Mansha Rastogi