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Feature Film

Blackberry is an Indian movie directed by K.B. Madhu starring Mythili, Baburaj, Sunny Wayne and Harisree Asokan. The feature film is produced by Roji Augustine, Anto Augustine and Jose Kutty Augustine and the music composed by Bijibal.

Release Info:
2014 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: K.B. Madhu

Don (Baburaj) considers himself the main goon in his city. He has certain characteristics which makes him different from... Show more

Don (Baburaj) considers himself the main goon in his city. He has certain characteristics which makes him different from others.

He will complete the duties entrusted on him in time. Don respects women very much and he will never do anything to harm others physically.

He is a teetotaler with no bad habits His favorite drink is milk. Don has a new generation look and has seven assistants under him. His rules are applicable to his assistants too.

Don and his gang are big fans of a superstar. Once at a cinema theatre, Don loses his mobile phone and all his activities are disturbed due to this.

Murukan (Jomon) who lives in a slum gets the phone of Don and he receives the messages related to various operations assigned to Don. Murukan started to follow these instructions. In the course of such an event Murukan acquaints Sreedevi (Mythili), the daughter of the minister.

Murukan and Sreedevi do some tricky moves with the help of that phone which upsets Don. Don’s attempts to get back his phone results in many humorous situations which plot the story of ‘Blackberry’.

Directed by K B Madhu, ‘Blackberry also casts Harisree Asokan, Devan, Saikumar, Sphadikam George, Abu Salim, Kiran Raj, Kollam Ajith, Manikantan Pattambi, and Lakshmipriya.

Roji Augustine, Anto Augustine, and Josekutty Augustine jointly produce ‘Blackberry’ in the banner of Asian Surya Films. The story, script, and dialogues are written by K B Raju.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Sunny Wayne
Harisree Asokan
Sphadikom George
Abu Salim
Kiran Raj
Kollam Ajith
Manikandan Pattambi

Director: K.B. Madhu
Producers: Roji Augustine, Anto Augustine, Jose Kutty Augustine
Music Director: Bijibal
Song Lyrics Writer: Santhosh Varma
Cinematographer: Venugopal
Editor: Samjith
Art Designer: Girish Menon
Screenplay Writer: K.B. Raju
Dialogue Writer: K.B. Raju
Original Story Writer: K.B. Raju


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