Heartless Hindi Movie Review

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Heartless is almost like anesthetic awareness. I felt the pain throughout but could not do much about it.
Feb 7, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

I have to admit it. I almost ruled out Heartless. But that was till the beginning of the second half. That's when the story practically begins. Everything before that seems like a longish, boring poem.

Heartless begins with a notice explaining the phenomenon 'Anesthetic Awareness' and how there are cases where one feels the pain while being operated on, despite being paralyzed and incapable of reacting due to anesthesia. The message clearly implies that the story is going to deal with the same phenomenon.

And then we wait. For the characters to be established; for umpteen songs to get done; for drama to follow - all these as the director Shekher Suman tries his best to create the most captivating visuals. I waited, yawned and almost dozed off. I am sure I would have not missed much even if did sleep off till the interval.

But that's when Shekhar Sumar finally got me. He kick-starts the story in the second half. Not much of an original plotline - Heartless is a clear remake [undeclared] of the original English film Awake. Nevertheless, the director certainly finds his grip there. What follows are heart-wrenching 30 minutes where yours guts would be held strong by this story and probably even manage to get your heart beat racing! Pace comes in and you also see Adhyayan Suman do his best to prove his worth.

But then again, just when my memories of the first half were fading away, comes back a horrifyingly ill-shot and misplaced title song. The film loses me again and this time for good.

Awake is no award-winning film, but Heartless does not justice to it either! The screenplay is too loose.

Among good things are exceedingly well shot scenes, couple of nice songs and a heart-warming mother-son scene towards the end. The end message about a mother's love is moving. And there are wonderful performances by Deepti Naval and Om Puri. Adhayan Suman, who is re-launched by his father in the film, tries hard to impress. New girl Ariana Ayam is totally out of place speaking her Hindi lines.

I suppose the video of the end-credit song 'Main Dhoodne Ko Zamaane Mein', which is shot in slow motion, aptly explains the film. The screenplay is in slow motion! Heartless is almost like anesthetic awareness. I felt the pain throughout but could not do much about it.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara