Rangrezz Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2013 | Drama
Rangrezz had immense potential and a thorougly tested story to make for a great watch but the lose screenplay and trite writing ruined the chance.
Mar 22, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Vashu Bhagnani surely has what one says a business mind! While on one hand he produces a sure shot winner Himmatwala, on the other he takes the risk and introduces the fourth film for his son Jackky Bhagnani. One cannot ignore the fact that Jackky's second film F.A.L.T.U, planned at a small budget, actually raked in the moolah and Rangrezz boasts of Priyadarshan at the helm of affairs. However, being pitted against Bipasha Basu's Aatma surely raises the stakes this time. It remains to see whether this film works or not. Here's a quick review to help you chose wisely.

Rangrezz is about three boys Rishi Deshpandey (Jackky Bhagnani), Winu (Amitosh Nagpal) and Pakya (Vijay Verma) who are thick of friends and can go to all lengths for each other. They have their own dreams of future, their love life and profession. However, all comes to a grinding halt when Rishi's childhood friend from Lalitpur enters their life. The friend speaks of his unrequitted love whilst requesting for help and Rishi along with his buddies for life decides to reunite the loves. They literally risk their lives and fight against all odds to make Joy meet Jasmine. But the price they pay for their deeds are much worse. Watch the film to know what happens to the trio!

Already been remade in Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, Tamil superhit film Naadodigal finds its way into Hindi film industry with its remake in Rangrezz. The film also marks ace filmmaker Priyadarshan's entry to stark and serious cinema once again and also has Santosh Sivan handling the camera work for a Priyadarshan film after almost 15 years.

What also works in Rangrezz's favour is the casting. Jackky Bhagnani showcases remarkable progress as far as his acting his concerned and gives a delightful performance. His other two friends Vijay Verma and Amitosh Nagpal also perform brilliantly adding to the film. While Amitosh is flawless, Vijay who plays Pakya is bang on with his roguish mannerisms and colloquial accent is unmatchable. Rajpal Yadav is at his usual best but Priya Anand who plays Jackky's love interest fails to impress.

Rangrezz for all the reasons mentioned above could've made for a crackling film specially also if you consider our audiences' fondness for male bondings. However, the film starts crumbling little by little after the initial one hour.

Rangrezz takes off brilliantly soaking itself into the Maharashtrian flavour with the Govinda Ala Re song being captured beautifully and also establishing the small town locality with as much realism as possible. Even the frienship between the trio interespersed with some entertaining moments is very engaging. But the film takes a downward spiral immediately after the interval and what follows is highly unimaginative and boring.

The climax in the second half is so annoying that it literally kills all the pleasure of the first half. An utterly unconvincing and shoddily written high point is beyond belief and annoys you completely. The parallel plots and needless digressions only ruin the chances of the film further more leading to a half baked film.

To sum it up, Rangrezz had immense potential and a thorougly tested story to make for a great watch but the lose screenplay and trite writing ruined the chance.

Mansha Rastogi