Kuttiyum Kolum Review

For his directorial debut, Guinness Pakru crafts a story that is as ancient as the brass spittoon into which the character that he essays in the film keeps spitting into. 'Kuttiyum Kolum' is a wasted exercise in film making, in that the only delight that it offers, if any, is its protagonist who is the director himself.

Pakru casts himself in a somber, real grave role in the film, and has a name as high sounding as Ezhimala Vinayakan! The man has the prowess to make his adversaries go weak in their knees, and is one of the richest men in Palghat. His height notwithstanding, Vinayakan has earned it all through sheer will power and sweat.

Now let me tell you where the film goes all shaky. Vinayakan has a step brother Shakthi (Aditya), who reminds us of those Tamil and Bollywood films of the late seventies and early eighties. This young man who is hopelessly obliged to the family, for having given him a life, would go to any length to see to it that Vinayakan is all right.

Now where would all this lead to, if there weren't a girl somewhere in sight. Indu (Sanusha), Vinayakan's childhood sweetheart is back from Bangalore, and Vinu hopes to tie the knot soon with her. Things could have been easier, if her dad (Vijayaraghavan) wasn't around, but unfortunately he is. And when Vinu gets to hear that Indu has a soft spot for Shakthi, he is shattered.

So that is where we are left off at the interval, and from there, the film does not throw any further surprise on you. It meanders on and on along banal alleyways and suffocates you with its conventional narrative. What annoys us is not the fact that it doesn't astonish or shock you, but the fact that it takes you for granted, and assumes that we will rest content with the paltry show that it cooks up for us.

The limp pacing, the lack of twists and turns and the middling melodrama see to it that the nails on this coffin are firmly affixed. The comedy, courtesy Nelson is sporadic, and doesn't serve to save face. At the end of it all, while walking out, one hears a voice inside your head screaming its lungs out, asking where inventiveness in cinema has gone hiding!

There is this old Malayalam saying that one should not make a dragonfly lift a stone. The script of 'Kuttiyum Kolum' does exactly this and makes an attempt to transform Guinness Pakru into an action king. It would have made sense if it was laced with humor, but regrettably, this does not seem to be the case here. Twirling his moustache and sporting an eternal scowl on his face, Pakru does try hard to be the menacing man that he is expected to play on screen, but falls short of the target by more than a mile.

Sanusha and Aditya, along with Munna in a supporting role appear strictly adequate in their respective roles. The dialogues are prosaic, and the screenplay as colorless as it can possibly get. There are no technical wonders on show either, and Vinod Bharathi's camera creates no miracles.

Directorially, there is nothing much to crow about in this film. It could well make its way to the record books , thanks to the height of its director, but that is pretty much how far it would be noticed. Toying with an idea that has long been thrashed, Pakru does the unthinkable by deciding to craft it into a two hour long film!

Toying with an idea that has long been thrashed, Pakru does the unthinkable by deciding to craft it into a two hour long film! Rating: 1.5 - Veeyen