Super Model Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2013
Super Model is super boring, super tacky and super shoddy. Best you skip it.
Sep 27, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi


Gritty real life tales should best be left to Madhur Bhandarkar, that too of the olden times, because the others who attempt this genre end up biting the dust. When it comes to modeling, filmmakers usually associate it with sleaze and similar is the case with Super Model, a film so bad that even writing a review is nothing adding credibility to its existence.

Rupali (Veena Mallik), an aspiring actress, is trying on her own to land a big budget film with a big actor. When luck doesn't favour her there, someone advises her to participate in Wallya's (a cheap take off on Vijay Mallya played by Harsh Chayya) calendar launch to be shot by industry's hit photographer Monty (Ashmit Patel). But it isn't as easy as it appears to Rupali. The contest has five models competing with each other to become the ultimate supermodel and feature on the calendar. All goes well until the competition turns into a bloody conquest.


Director Navin Batra (should you call him one?) presents such a shoddy product in the name of the film that you are left fuming by the end of it. The movie is not just tacky but garish and extremely cheaply shot. Even the dialogues are dowdy just like the hackneyed plot of a model trying to make big in the glamour world.

There's barely any redeeming factor in the film, no not even Veena Malik for believe you me, I speak even for the men I spoke to after the film that her skin show too can hardly save this drab of a film.

Ashmit Patel tries to make most of what is left of his already dwindled career and goes horribly wrong even at that. You wonder what got into a credible actor like Harsh Chhaya to agree to such a film but then you see him ham as well and you know this one didn't really require any hardwork from him.


The narrator of the movie Jackie Shroff, yes him!, disappears after a while as if he didn't exist at all.

To cut the long story short, Super Model is super boring, super tacky and super shoddy. Best you skip it.

Mansha Rastogi